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Individual Educational Support online for every student.


Specialist online tutor support for students aged 5 and above, from KG to Year 12 and beyond. Including specialist support for Further and Higher Education learning All programmes are delivered through student centred programmes for everyone

Specialised English, Math, Science and Writing Skills programmes are available with Diagnostic testing to ensure the student is on a level suited to their needs either for improvement or enrichment.

Hyde Park Education guarantees success with UK Native English-speaking tutors expert tutors, using Zoom technology to deliver safe and reliable learning anywhere at any time.

Every student has an individualised learning experience following a personal programme which provides a dynamic learning environment that will make a difference.

Hyde Park Education programmes are suitable for British National Curriculum, American, Canadian and I.B, including IGCSE, AS level, A2 level, SATACT, TOEFL and IELTS. We offer world class curriculum support and test preparation. Our tuition guarantees to maximise your knowledge, scores and techniques. Additionally, we prepare students for Common Entrance Exams and 11+ for UK entry and can assist with placement and admissions where required. 

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