Math at Hyde Park

Remedial Math Catch-up 2021

Our Remedial Math programme follows the core competencies of the British National Curriculum, American, Canadian and I.B, including IGCSE, AS level, A2 level, SAT, ACT for students aged 5 to 19 and beyond to ensure students improve their in Math. A pass grade at school level in Math is a minimum requirement for Higher Education in Qatar. 

We carry out a comprehensive diagnostic Math assessment for every student, invigilated in real time with a UK Assessor. The data from this indicates the actual attainment level achieved and directs the correct level of remedial course and support required to fix problems and gets the student to the appropriate age level. Our UK and International specialist Math tutors then ensure that students:

i. know and understand the core competency requirements for their expected level, ensuing strong foundational skills are in placed to enable successful development of skills.

ii. can solve problems by breaking them down into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions.

iii. learn how to navigate and assess Math word problems. Where students are weak in this area, we carry out an English assessment and recommend remedial English if necessary.

Following our programme of study will ensure each student is able to succeed at the required level for their age, demonstrated through regular checkpoints and assessments.  

Math tuition is available from KG basic numeracy through to Secondary and High school level with additional tuition available for AS & A2 levels and preparation for SAT and ACT.

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