Catch-up Summer 2020


‘My son has lost almost 7 months schooling, how can he get back on track?’

Recent concerns from the UK government over Covid-19’s lockdown impact show that students who have been cut off from school for extended periods of time may find it difficult to “catch-up” once they resume school. The reason for this is students are extremely vulnerable to “backsliding” in their academic achievement levels, during periods of absence from the educational system as students generally receive insufficient practice using their academic skills in their environment outside of school.

All students can gain from catch-up courses, and we find that children have achieved excellence at Hyde Park Education using personalised and intensified tuition. Geoff Barton, leader of the UK’s Association of School and College Leaders, agrees, “there is evidence that high quality one-to-one tuition can make a serious impact upon a student’s overall improvement.”

This summer at Hyde Park, we are providing Catch-up Intensive Tuition in Math, English and Writing Skills, following an in-depth diagnostic assessment, to get our students back on track for the new academic year 2020-2021.

Each student at Hyde Park follows an individual personalised programme of study with a tutor,  addressing the issues raised specifically in the diagnostic assessment. All our tuition is student-centred, not class based. Tuition is online at this time with our specialist team in Qatar. Once the Shutdown is lifted, students have the option of moving to live sessions in the Learning Centre with their tutors, continuing online, or a combination of both. Personal service is what we do best.  

Together we will make a difference.- Catch-up 2020 at Hyde Park